Thursday, 14 November 2013

Nanowrimo 2013, Day Fourteen. Slim pickings.

Today, life encroached on writing time with a vengeance. I was reminded of my own tragic lack of employment, chased jobs and building contacts and joined lists and submitted c.v's but this isn't out of the ordinary. As I can't drive, have a fairly low level of formalised education and little to show from my years in construction, other than a left hand that aches when it's cold and a set of knees that complain bitterly regardless of whether it's cold or not, I've found it hard to find work.

Things will change and no doubt improve at some point, through work or books or naked dancing... Hopefully not naked dancing, but today was a day when the words hid behind a black cloud of financial gloom.

Oh joy.

Still, on the bright side I'm well ahead of my word count, pushing forward with other projects and hope to be bringing something new to the table to help my work hit an audience and bring in some trade.

I'll keep writing while there isn't any work and if work comes then I'll keep writing when I've finished working. As far as I can see writing is in the future no matter what and so why worry about today's work count. So long as I keep chasing and dreaming and  improving then something will happen.

     I organised hiding places for everyone, under the bed; behind the sofa, in the cupboard, in the walk in cupboard, you name it, we found effective places to stash ourselves and then we stayed near our bolt holes. I had a guard on the door; Python, who was listening out for trouble and so I tried to sit down and think. I thought about the hotel, the lack of guards, the assassin who had snuck in before us and the network Ezri and Eric were there to set up.

     I thought about that long and hard and at some point I nodded off and dreamt that I was walking along a beach. Behind me a car pulled up by the sand dunes and as I looked I could see some people running down towards me. As they came one of them did a cartwheel and Bradley did a comedic fall as he ran.

     It was S Club 7. They ran down and music was drifting onto the beach from the ocean and I hugged Rachel and I was so happy. It was a beautiful dream and after hours of doing dance routines with them and playing in the sand Hanna turned into a massive crab and started snapping everyone in two with her pincers.

     I woke with a start, covered in sweat with Britney shaking my shoulder gently.

‘Who the hell is Hanna…?’    

There ya go, slim pickings today.

See you tomorrow. 

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