Monday, 21 October 2013

The Wonder of

Self publishing is a fantastic ride, a wonderful, fulfilling, awesome adventure, and yet realistically the problem of getting the word out about your book can be a real, well, problem. I don't have an agent to line up interviews, make press releases or big me up in public. It's me and some of my friends on twitter and perhaps the odd 'share' on Facebook.
I'm not a natural salesman at all. Did you notice? Yeah. So making the smart moves that would get me a billion downloads of the book is just something I don't do well, hell, I still need to complete another edit on the released book and clean it even further (and I've heard 'The first five chapters were tough to get through' a few times now and so I'm thinking of going back and hitting it with a stick... I don't know though), but anyway.

So it's clear I need help to get my work out there in places where people will see it and then people like @Gary_R_Walker turn up and I just want to skip and jump. Man's a legend!

Gary runs a site called 'Look 4 Books', which champions independent writers and their work and he does it for free! I can't tell you how nice it is to see him flashing up a link to my book on twitter, or for that matter, visiting his site and seeing my work advertised there. Currently my downloads are pretty low and though I am by no means discouraged I do feel that perhaps it isn't going perhaps very well. That's fine, I'm at the start of a long road, but when I do get slightly down it is lovely to know that people like Gary are out there, trying to help the independent small guy stay in the fight.

The link to the site is right here - and I can't thank him enough for putting in the time to feature my book as well as everyone else's too for that matter. I have friends on twitter and Facebook that retweet my book links, and they are awesome, combined with sites like Look 4 Books perhaps I can make my treasure sparkle so more people notice?

It's a pretty decent dream. :-)

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