Monday, 8 July 2013

Music Monday: What's Funny?

What do you classify as funny? What makes something funny anyway? Is something repetitive and silly funny? To some people, yes, but then others love their humour sophisticated  and wordy, with knowing nods to multiple sources.

Here we have five very silly tracks that may tickle, though each one has a chance to annoy, irritate or enrage.

Lets do this shit shall we?


You may feel the need to punch me after hearing this but I'm willing to take the risk. The idea that someone has taken the time to do this is, well, somewhere between crap and awesome. I've shown it to several people and the mix of reactions is hilarious, from horror to laughter.

See for yourself.

MAD WORLD covered by Smeagol

This is a cover, of a cover, by a man pretending to be a fictitious character, that was a computer generated image using an actors movements. It works on a number of levels and I can't watch it without laughing till I turn red. Is it just me?


Yes, another Youtube dude, yes another repetitive sound bite, techno hell.... And yet this always makes me smile. Why? I have no idea, but it does.

PREJUDICE by Tim Minchin

I'm not the world's biggest fan of Tim Minchin, I mean yeah, he is funny but I'm not his biggest fan. This song however? Inspired! Brilliant, witty, funny, knowingly on the edge but never quite crossing it. A touching subject eluded to, then swings to give you something else that still hits the mark but does it in a gloriously comedic way.

Well done sir.

THIRD REICH by Frank Sanazi

This is complicated act, both to perform and watch. I've shown one of Frank's tracks before but this is a bit closer to the knuckle.

Why do I laugh at Nazi's? Simple, they are the bigoted, evil, single minded bastards that they are and anything... anything that takes the piss is good! This dude works my funny bone because I should be shouting at him, it should press my buttons so that I go nuclear straight away, but it doesn't and I don't. I think it's the blatantly controversial style that makes me laugh, at first in shock and then? Then its still the shock. :-)

He obviously is very good at what he does, the act is damn confrontational and it invites rage and disapproval, and he has to be stupid or very brave to walk on and think people are going to be on his side. I love Sinatra, I also love what this guy does.

So sue me, I think he's brilliant! (I fucking hate Nazi's though, just to clarify)

Next time we'll have great songs, by great artists.

Thanks for listening and reading.

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