Monday, 29 July 2013

MUSIC MONDAY: The Next Project

It's been a few weeks, sorry, been very busy. This in itself isn't a return to full flurry as I'm here to dump but one track on. But it's an important one!

I have been crawling towards the final days of the edit on my second book and so have had a hard time getting my brain to stay on track, it just wants to run off and start the next one! Still, I have to have thinking time, planning time, time spent just sitting, and when I'm doing that I form the story so that when it comes to putting it down I have it there on my fingertips.

Music has always been a huge key for me, able to open doors in my mind to see places I don't necessarily want to go. This piece of music, this soundtrack, has been a companion for a good few months now but soon, very soon, it will form a writing switch. It's from the film The Fountain, a film I've never seen and don't want to, not because I think it will suck, nope, more because I've placed my own narrative over this music now. I don't want someone else's jamming up my brain when I hear it.

Below is the full soundtrack, I have it on c.d and the greater sound quality makes all the difference. As you may gathered, my next project isn't likely to be too happy at it's core...

I love this music, I hope it works as I want it too in the coming months.

Thanks for reading and listening.

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