Sunday, 26 May 2013

Silent Sunday


  1. I do like festivals - what was it in aid of?

  2. I have no idea what that was for either.

    Scottish Mum Blog

  3. Ohh looks like something interesting is going on!

  4. Hi guys! Right, this is a pic taken at the Eastbourne Carnival on Saturday. These dudes are a local group of drummers that do plenty of gigs all around Sussex. The Pentacle Drummers do the Lewes Bomb fire night and many other events.

    The carnival stopped for many years but recently it's made a come back and had a real local feel. Home made costumes, big on the drums and normal people in the community.

    The local T.A group took their place right behind the Pentacle Drummers, who led the parade, and they were clapped as they walked past. It was a really good thing following the pretty horrible week.

    In the centre of the pic is @BeardOfAnarchy , big beard, shades, awesome fella! You can find him on twitter. @pentacleDrums are on there as well.

    Thanks for commenting. :-)