Monday, 27 May 2013


I watch the catering truck rumble off into the distance. It turns the corner and a balloon deflates on the gate post, leaving two blue orbs either side of a flaccid, apologetic looking sleeve of blue plastic. I think of Jim Morrison and his infamous habit of going off early like an over enthusiastic party popper and  I now know how he feels.

No, I haven't just glued my pants with love sludge, I am talking (of course) about the book promo that wasn't. Why it wasn't I do not know, that it wasn't is plainly clear. I filled in the on-line form thing, checked the dates and waited for the magic! Come morning and the reduced price and new cover were happily flying their colours but the free promo wasn't in sight. Bumsticks. I now attempt to move from a lying prone while moaning and wailing to a standing and doing position. 

So the promo didn't work?! SO WHAT?! I'll do it better on Thursday right?! YEAH!


Here we go then. Here is the thing; I hate screwing up and yet I do it so often that it feels like my default setting. I know we all make mistakes, all have things that go wrong and all get the chance to turn it around for the most part and so what difference does it make? It makes a lot of difference when you bugger up the first impression all the time, that much I can tell you.

The party starts for Blank Canvas on Thursday the 30th of May 2013 and will run for two days. I've filled in the form, checked the dates are right and cancelled the old promo so nothing should go wrong this time. It'll have two days to run about and thrust itself upon unsuspecting passers by, hopefully gathering a few admirers along the way  and a few reviews. That's the time it has to climb the chart and maybe secure a footing higher up the market than 66,000, which is roughly it's current normal place.

I know I can make this work but all the same I'm pretty down about the mistake this morning. Just got to make sure I keep my head up. Keep writing and editing and pray I can improve in all the areas I need to in order to make the dream a reality.

Thanks for reading. 

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