Monday, 13 May 2013

Music Monday: Animal Magic

So here we are, Monday again and we need a theme. This week it's 'Animals' or specifically songs with an animal or animals in the title. Easy yeah? Well, there is no way of hiding it, yes, easy it was indeed!

ANIMAL MAGIC by Professor Elemental

Yes, the Professor is a regular here, you are correct! I can't help the fact that he makes songs purely so I can feature them on my blog. Talk to him, get him to sort it out! It really isn't my problem!

This is from an album of his called 'The indifference Engine' and it is a great album indeed. Enjoy the chap hop master as he bops and pops you with his fantastically silly track.

BIRD ON A WIRE by Katey Sagal & The Forest Rangers

Really like the original song but this is a fabulous version from a show I love! I bought the album featuring the music from season one to four and its totally brilliant! Can't get enough of it.

I offer you this moody and quiet piece of music to chill to. Great stuff!


My brother loved The Pale back in 1992/93 and we shared a flat with another excellent chap. When this album entered the premises it stayed always close to the stereo and featured such classics as 'I Want To Steal Your Car' and 'Butterfly'. Yeah, these guys didn't take themselves too seriously, had an infectious sound that just made me want to get pissed and dance like an arsehole and well, here they are for you.

Barking mad this lot.

WALK LIKE A PANTHER by All Seeing (feat. Tony Christie)

Normally I don't find Tony Christie cool. Is that a failing in me? Something that will be corrected by forced surgery when the current government runs out of things to tax and so must alter the populations musical tastes  just so they feel they have made an impact on our fucking lives?! Unlikely. Still this breaks my Christie isn't cool rule, because it really is very cool indeed!

Stick on some shades, walk slowly down the road to this booming on your m.p3 player or I-pod. Yeah.... You are suddenly the coolest fucker on planet.

We play out this week with something lovely, as we must when something loud or horrible starts. Eva Cassidy.


Next week we will have something sunny I think, or not, depending on the weather, if the weather ever makes up it's mind, which all know it won't.

Bastard weather!

Thanks for listening and reading!

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