Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Song For The Day. (A regular feature?)

Seems the world is playing up lately. In fact the world has been playing up for the last 10,000 years or so but we see more of it now. Some bastard shoots up a school and we have people with camera's outside in minutes. Someone bombs a marathon and camera's are already there to capture people's personal achievements as they cross the finishing line; so obviously they capture the blast, three teenager's beat a homeless man to death and we get the blow by blow account from the news.

People have always wanted to drop bombs, use their swords, rule the world, take what isn't theirs and crap on the weak or innocent. Things like the warrior gene make us more likely to be serial killers or world boxing champions or muggers, but we also have the greater majority of the population fighting those urges to scrap and fight and kill for what they want. Instead they save, do without or maybe borrow what they can (saying that I enjoy watching boxing and general combat bloodsports so I wouldn't want to see them go).

There is more than enough of everything for everyone, even money, and yet even if we sorted out food and money we'd have religion and politics to ruck over. We'd pick fights over parking spaces (there will never be enough of those) and how loud someone's music is, whether they like putting tab a into slot b or whether they  want to have more than the person next door to them.

Its weird and perhaps some may find this negative but I don't think we'll ever be rid of the urge to strangle each other, what I hope we can do is lower the percentage of people that actually give in and act on their impulses.

(It's a song post, not a waffle post ya twat!)


So, though this is a sad song it's not the saddest. It's a slow song but not the slowest, and yes, this is a sad day, but we have had sadder.

I hope the world gets a better grip soon. I'll do my bit. I'm going to be nice to as many people as possible. Sound woolly? Yeah, it is, but that doesn't make it any less worthy.


Thanks for reading.


  1. Oh ta! Love the song! Can't quite believe the original version sounded as it did. Not when compared to this incredible cover.

  2. yes, this. and another example of a cover that is miles better than the original