Saturday, 9 March 2013

Random Crap Time

So I have plenty of thoughts banging around in the near empty space between my ears and so thought I'd dump some of it here. That is after all why its here right?

Fucked if I know.


 I fucking hate labels, no, not the ones that are glued onto tins of beans and let us know where the fuck our food is actually coming from, not those ones! (They lie anyway so I kind of hate them too, but that's a subject for a different day) No, the ones I hate are the ones attached to people. You may go 'yeah, right on,' but wait, hold on, I mean all fucking labels, not just the negative ones. I mean all labels.

Stay with me.

I mean the ones that say Black, white, gay, straight, bi, mad, liberal, Stupid, difficult and a hundred more, I see the need for them but I think they are divisive in most circumstances. They tell us what group we fall into; breeding exclusivity, they tell us that we are different, in separate tribes, and yes, we are, but we are also part of this incredible collective known as humanity and that club takes all, doesn't mater if tab A goes into slot B or C, doesn't mater if you limp or wheel, run or swim, if you northern or southern hemisphere, have tits or a a cock or are somewhere in between; we are all still human!

I know it's petty and silly to say I wish we could be rid of these labels and excuses that land hard in our genetic imperative to look over at the person next to us and want to punch them but it does also play into the right part of our past that tells us to stand together, protect the tribe, prosper as a collective!

I would never ever be able to say this in person without coming across as a total arsehole when someone says, 'hi, this is Jeff, he's gay,' and my reaction internally is to immediately say 'who gives a fuck what he does to who, when, so long as he has their consent and he's a good human being'....

So I said it here instead.

It's probably just me but I will always despise defining labels; you are more than just a classification! You're fucking amazing!


Racists are fucking stupid. It's not hard to look at someone and see they are different and yet we are so fucking alike that a slightly different bone structure or pigmentation is so minor that you actually would have to work hard to see that as a reason to hate someone; so basically racists are searching for reasons to hate.


The other thing that drives me crazy is the idea that Racism is a white on any other colour thing, no it's not, it's an irrational hatred of someone because of their colour, namely the fact that it differs from your own. I come from London, a pretty crappy part of it to and I can tell you getting punched for being a different colour to the guy with the fist and his ten mates? That's not a white exclusive thing dude. It's a thing that happens to people that find themselves standing before a racist.

Now I also know that standing WITH people is far better than standing against them and through education and the promotion of similarity and commonality comes a greater chance of decreasing the percentage of racist people. You'll never stamp it out because it comes into that weird tribal part of our past that tells us to dislike those that are not like us, but if you can decrease it enough that it becomes very rare, then that's got to be better than it is now.

Let's look at racism for what it is, fear of people that don't look like you. Teach those people to look for the human and not the colour and we can move forward, but you need to target all the youths, show them all their common bonds, teach everyone.


If people are confused on this issue then I'm stunned but lets just clarify shall we; nothing will ever make rape acceptable or an 'accident.' You didn't get 'carried away' and saying 'I thought she/he was up for it' isn't some sort of defence.

If you rape someone you are a cunt. Simple.

I know how I'd decrease the re-offending problem but the fact that people commit this crime in the first place is simply beyond comprehension. They know it's wrong, there is no way of not knowing, so there could never be any defence for that crime.


It's sad to see a young person acting like a cock, but let's face it, as teens we were probably a pain in the fucking arse, so this kid has got access to millions of people to be a prick to, it's sad but not surprising that he is being a cock.

He'll melt down, flip out and then more than likely work out that he is just another member of the human race, that's best case scenario. Worse case is that he totally flips out, goes proper crazy under the pressure of being watched constantly and has a breakdown and then we are left to sneer at a kid who wanted to sing and make money and simply got too popular for his own good.

He is like every other star that has a chance to shine very, very brightly; sometimes, the burn out comes at them out of nowhere and if they aren't careful? It can extinguish the flame all together. So as much as we love to point and laugh at this ridiculous teen, be aware, not all stories have a happy ending.


This is something I used to hear on building sites all the fucking time - 'I was pissed so I smacked this kiddie and then smashed up a car and the fucking cops came but fuck em right? I was pissed! Wasn't my fucking fault!'

Actually, you useless fucking wanker, it is your fault. You took the drink that makes you act like an aggressive piece of crap and so everything you do after drinking those pints is your fault. Arsehole!

If you knew you were allergic to bananas and they made you vomit and scream, people would take bananas off you every single time they saw you trying to eat one, shouting 'don't be a cock! You know what you're like on bananas!' But as it's alcohol its ok? Nope.

Just as a point of interest, it's not even a legal defence seeing as you willingly took the substance that made you lose control and so therefore are responsible for all your actions while suffering the effects of it. Unless someone spiked your drink, you are culpable for everything you do and say, but what really annoys the fuck out of me is that if people know they are a shitty drunk then why the fuck do they drink?! It's not hard to work out is it?!


All you sensible drinkers out there carry on. You're fine. Its the arseholes that spoil it for everyone else.

and finally


Newsflash! Killing the same character off for the third time isn't dramatic! It's not big! It's not clever! It's a stupid and petty way of getting readers to buy issues as we are expected to follow the 'story' to see how they bring the hero back this time!



Build a character, flesh them out, make them as amazing and human as possible. When you come to the point where you think 'This guy could be killed off', then make sure you have someone to build, flesh out, make amazing and then do something else with them. If I have to sit through another death of Thor, Captain America or that slab loving muppet Batman then I am going to puke!

Make death of character in your universe mean something by controlling it and keeping it to a minimum. If that means you can't find shit to do with your comic book characters then you shouldn't be writing comics.

I'm out of here.


  1. best random crap post ever!

    1. Hey thanks, never sure if I'm about to spout utter crap or not. Cool and thanks for commenting.