Sunday, 17 February 2013

Some Random Thoughts.

So it's been a long week full of ups and down, Lefts and Rights and some serious shit has happened...most of it not good to boot. So I figured I'd have a look see without getting dirty and diving in when I don't have all the evidence, news, details or proper sit reps.

Lets take a look shall we?

A famous woman was shot dead by a famous runner.

Right, this is something that the media has reported with the emphasis on entirely the wrong person. For the record the woman is the victim, use her name, remember her, ask how her family are maybe? But instead it's all 'Runner's name first', 'his family say he's OK , 'the cops are charging him with this', in fact some articles aren't even using her name.

They seem to think he is the important part of this situation and so, just for the record, I'd point out that SHE IS DEAD, not him, HER FAMILY MUST BE UPSET, obviously his are too, SHE ISN'T A NAMELESS VICTIM, she was a person, a person who was killed, as are all people who are killed!

Now it's not clear what happened and it's not absolute who did what to who, that will possibly come in time, but for now, USE HER FUCKING NAME!!! FIRST!! NOT AS A FUCKING AFTER THOUGHT!!


The Pope has retired.

No, I'm not a big fan of structured, organised, controlled belief and religion but I don't ascribe to the idea that anyone who does 'believe' is a fool. Faith CAN move mountains in a personal sense, but it's the structure around it that constrains how far the mountain can be my humble experience.

The main man? Not someone I'm fond of. I won't go down the route of why I think he was always a terrible choice, due to age, background, his questionable past, his involvement in the paedophilia cover-ups...opps, I did, sorry! No, anyway, I won't go into detail, but some thoughts have leaped out and worried me intensely.

Why has this man quit and in so doing become the first man to do so in 600 hundred years? What would make him walk away when concerns over his health were far from his close aides minds?

Oh hand on...

Remember the man that was arrested and convicted of stealing 'sensitive documents' from the popes desk? It was later reported that the man was thought to have been offered a pardon and so be spared a custodial sentence if  he promised to not reveal what he saw. The guy is currently doing his time, so in a few years he'll be able to spill and we will all know what he saw right?

Strikes me the church could be trying to remove a very damaging man from the throne before the storm hits. Now I'm not saying he is doing anything horrible, has been involved in something horrible, or is looking at something horrible...but that makes to much sense for it to not make me really worried. Why? Well if he's surrounded by people that are willing to protect him, no matter what he may or may not be doing, then that would just confirm a systemic corruption I already believe is present.

I don't believe in their structure but I worry for the people that hold their faith in this institution and how the real story here may affect their lives and their personal faith, which is a very precious thing to have.

A Big Bomb Went Bang

Some dudes in a far away country, one that is highly controlled and seemingly ruled by a bit of a fruit loop, have decided to set off a big bomb. It made a big shake and scared a lot of people. Those scared people are very worried about this big bang but I have to point out something they seem to have forgotten...

They have big banging things too, lots of them, and their ones have even been used.

So I agree, crazy people with big banging things are scary, but then so are perhaps not so scary people with big banging things too. In the end they all make big bangs, it seems to me that if all the big banging things were gone then it would be a much better world.

Yes, that is a very simplified version of events, some minor thoughts, and perhaps too little depth for anyone to draw a conclusion on. But then I'm not here to sway you, just laying down some thoughts. That's all.

As always I'd suggest we wait for the facts to surface and hold back our indignation until we know what it is we are being angry about, how it actually affects us (if at all) and what it is we need to say about it all.

Something happen this week that I missed?


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