Monday, 18 February 2013

Music Monday: HORSE FEVER!!


So, it seems there's plenty of people out there with horse in them that aren't hooked on an addictive drug or are Catherine the Great! (Yes, I'm sure it was all lies, but I do love that fable.)

Obviously this isn't funny, in fact take into account the 'Bute' entering the food chain along with all kinds of other contagions of the meat and its decidedly scary, but guess what? No ones dead yet and so maybe I can get away with this here weeks post being all about that most excellent of animals!

I remember riding a horse once...though I needed a step ladder to get the job done! :-)

Right, that's enough verbal horseplay, lets get on with this shall we? What's first you ask? I thought it would be obvious...

CRAZY HORSES by The Osmonds

Right, now this isn't something that I'd normally do to you but I feel we have to start big and if we are looking for big horse tunes then we are looking for huge hair, massive flairs, and of course the frankly bizarre sound of The Osmand's doing a rock anthem as only they could....thankfully.

Now I couldn't tell you I'd ever put this on out of choice but if some other evil bastard puts it on then I can't help but feel all Gee'd up and start dancing like a twat. It's the only response possible to something so truly unique as this 'sound'.



Glam rock gods and pretty jumping Fraggle's Poison rocked my world way back in the day with their obsession with bandana's and hair dryers. I bought the 'Best of' and loved most of it a few years ago and though for the most part its throw away silly light rock I ask you a simple question?

What's wrong with happy bounce up and down rock? Fuck all I'd wager. So here for your general amusement are the poppy, rock tits Poison, jammed into full on run about and jump up and down mode.

What's not to like?

HORSE by Professor Elemental

Right, one off the new album and I'm sure one I haven't put up here before but if I have then I'm sorry. It's perfectly justified to be here. It's about the subject matter...sort of.

(By the way I can remind you now to go check out some of the Prof's work on youtube, go to The Chronicles Of Professor Elemental and watch, even if you have seen it before. The more hits it gets the more chance there is of 'Britain's Greatest Eccentric 2012' getting some form of repeat performance...and you get to see my keen acting skills to boot!)


Now I know I'm not covering myself with glory this week but you gotta run where the theme takes you and yes, I know we could have gone to far nicer, far better places than this one but I can't help but wonder how long it is until someone tests some cheap burgers and finds they are in fact 8% Cowboy.

Shit, it wouldn't be the first time someone put human in a pie, which leads us in an odd sort of way to my favourite cannibal of all time; a fella by the name of Alfred Packer. Packer will come up in another post, we will leave him for now, instead listen to this and fill it in as follows; 'Save a horse, EAT A COWBOY'.

Normally I'd send us out on a high, and I suppose in a way I am, but the final slot here is, of course, given to Lou Reed.

Perfect Day.

It's a different kind of horse but too many people are stuck taking it all the same, many people's reaction is to be outraged and its always more complicated than it looks like on first glance. There's no easy fix to either really, both are problems of supply, both afflict the poor more than the rich and sorry, only one of them has famous films made about its trade.

I've seen people taken by it. My advice? Don't start, because it's one bastard of a ride to get off once your galloping.

Next week more music. If you have any suggestions then throw them up here and I'll consider doing them. Rules are simple, its five pieces of music; could be five albums, five songs from one band, five soundtracks from one composer, take ya pick. If you don't select something then I'm left to my own devices...not always a good thing.

Thanks for reading and listening.

(watching that again reminds me of just how good an actor Ewan McGreggor is. Fucking brilliant, fucking brave!)

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