Saturday, 9 February 2013

Join The Army Of Positivity

I could tell you we live in a world full of wonders and realistically all you have to do is clear your head and look out of the window and if you sat there for long enough you'd see that. I could tell you we live in a 'Kingdom Of Fear' (Yes, I have stolen it from Hunter S. Thompson and yes, he is a fucking incredible writer and no, I don't think he gives a fuck), a kingdom in which the poor are demonised, the sick and elderly mistreated, ignored and abused, the dying afforded no compassion, the jobless no pity or encouragement and the different no love. A kingdom in which the rich lord over the rest, collecting their ever increasing taxes, expanding their own wages and comforts while taking what little comforts the poor have.

All you'd have to do is pick up a paper and see that there is truth in this too.

I could tell you that to be upwardly mobile, skilfully dodging the recession and increasing your own nest egg would see you despised by the very people that also claim they hate the poor, and that to have money is merely an excuse for those that govern to tax you some more till the years that you spent missing your kids football matches or ballet lessons so that you could climb the ladder have become almost meaningless when the tax is taken and the public decry your wealth as the physical embodiment of selfish capitalistic greed.

This you could also learn from reading a paper or going on line.

I'm not going to tell you any of those things. Nope. That's a waste of fucking time. It's pointless. It's useless. Because you know the truth. The one truth that they can't tax or condemn. It's simple and its true and its damn powerful.

You are a wonder of nature. A fantastic being of potential that can do anything you set your mind to.

Don't believe me? You can't do anything? Can't fucking fly can you?! BULLSHIT!

I give you passion and commitment and enough lessons and you can learn to fly a plane or take up abseiling or paragliding as a sport and hey presto! BAM! You can fly.

Can't shift the weight and you're getting old so it's gonna stay that way? Nope! Wrong again! Pensioners are now some of the most dedicated gym rats around! The huge increase in elderly body building is not shocking...its fucking awesome!

I can't take getting hurt again. That's a tough one but I'm going to tell you this; there are millions of people, single, wonderful, lonely people out there. If you are one of those then it stands to rights that you could find someone to chill with because we all need company and there are more than enough of us to go around. Maybe there is danger of heartache, disappointment and betrayal, but there's also the chance of happiness, love and that wonderful feeling when you find someone you know you just 'fit' with. Sure, there is danger, but there are rewards and what's life without a little risk? You can be careful, you can take it easy and maybe, just maybe, you could find something truly great.

What the hell am I talking about? Why the hell am I banging on like a fucking self help guru with no skill and less muscle mass? Why?! Because I'm sick of people being treated like they are useless, unwanted and unloved. I'm sick of being told by the government that I'm a burden, or that I'm not pulling my weight, or that I have to take pay cuts, or that I'm not worthy of care because I'm vulnerable! I'm sick of people telling me I'm a cunt because I voted one way or the other when it's clear that neither of the main parties wants anything more for us than to be sheep that beg to be governed.

I'm sick of the negative bullshit.

We, the basic human being, are incredible machines. We break records every year, running faster, climbing higher, swimming further, travelling distances on boats, planes and rockets. We can see other points in space, so far away that to comprehend how far away they are is boggling and yet we have our eyeballs ALL OVER THAT SHIT!!

We overcome great trials and triumph in the face of repression, depression, and trauma. Some of us will become legends on the football pitch, have millions cheering us on as we pass the finishing line on a 5000 meter race and then see those same millions copy a crap set of hand actions that once performed have the power to transform us back into sobbing wrecks as we remember the moment we saw it done on the podium.

Some of us are caught in explosions, lose our legs, and go on to become Paralympians.

It's true that we, humanity, can be cruel, barbaric and evil, But that's not what most of us are like. Most of us are vessels, barely able to contain all the incredible potential that is held with-in, trying hard to get all that awesome 'stuff' out and not always getting it right. People can see we are awesome of course, but perhaps not as many as we'd like, or maybe we feel we'd be even more awesome if we could just get a chance to follow 'that' dream?

I'm not going to hear all the negative shit any more  No government minister or opposition fool is going to dictate to me just how awesome I can be. No cash sum is going to make me a success, or a failure. No cruel  remark will breach my armour or slow my stead!

Join me! Let's mount up! Take up our pens and our books! Our swords and or paintbrushes! Covered in the armour of our dreams and talents, propelled by our hopes and our dreams we will ride into the sunrise as it peaks over and asks us what it is we will be taking from the day! Our answer will be simple!


(Rides off waving banners of encouragement to all! Gets the directions wrong and rides back, doesn't look embarrassed because fucking up is another thing we do really well...and then rides off IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION...waving banners of encouragement to all!)

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