Monday, 26 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day Twenty Six

Yep, its been a stupidly long day on a building site but I vowed to crack some words out and that is what I did. They're probably all shite...even so they do count.

Yes they do! Stop arguing.

See I only do interviews very rarely and when I do you had better know two things; I won’t take people laughing at The Game and I won’t take people laughing about the crazies. Sadly that’s all these asshole’s ever want to talk about! I hoped this would be different and that Phelps had done his homework but just as I started to walk out Phelps broke into my full introduction.

‘Ladies, gentlemen, raise your weapons please...I mean your voices...FOR THE VOICE!’

I walked on and Williams still claims the first thing he did was bet Snitsky that the first thing I did was punch Phelps. He lost that bet as I walked up, offered Phelps my hand and then as he went to shake it I pulled it up and stroked my hair. Phelps laughed but I saw a look in his eye. I’d made him feel stupid and he didn't like it.

I suppose I'm going to get to the end of this month and you're all going to look round and go;

A/ I'm so glad he's stopped and 
B/ He really is awful at this writing thing.

I hope not but I wouldn't blame you on either account.

More tomorrow for you glutton's for punishment.

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