Friday, 30 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day Thirty

This is it. Final day. Final random paragraph of the day. I have far more to do but I'll keep some of it to myself for now. Let you know when it's finished and all that.

Here's ya paragraph then...

I wasn’t there for the selection process but Williams, Snitsky and Panto all attended the meeting. The two teams met officially for the first time and from what Snitsky said there wasn’t much aggression or tension in the air. The only words that could have indicated to the coming war between the two teams were exchanged between Ben Haim and Dupon. It was water under the bridge but Dempsey was always going to come up when it came to this match and when he did Dupon told Ben Haim he should have stopped Dempsey from playing.

The conversation was over before it began really. Ben Haim just accepted blame and then asked why Dupon hadn’t even been down to the pit to see Dempsey before the match. No answer. It was a storm in a teacup but it was there.

I'll be blogging more normally from now on again I hope. Laying down the law according to Edd, moaning about things I can't do anything about and howling into the wind to see if any other wolves are out there to howl back. 

Thanks for following me on this journey, popping in and seeing what I've been doing and not inundating me with comments about how bad I am at all this. Heh.

You never know, give me two months and you may even get to read it all rather than just the disjointed rantings of my digit, though you'll probably have to pay by then.

Thanks and live long and prosper.

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