Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Nanowrimo Day 20

Its day twenty and it was, if I'm honest, not that successful. It's not that I got stuck or that I didn't have anything to write, it just came a bit slowly and I was easy to distract. I think I do better starting in the morning, working into the afternoon instead of starting after lunch. I'd love to think that's a lesson I'll take over to the next book :-)

So we have today's offering and I hope it isn't awful, I really don't know. I know everything I've posted up here needs work, hell, everything I do needs work right? Yep!

This thing was unplanned, unfortunate and unpleasant but it was also unbelievably successful. We named it ‘The Line In The Sand’ but it would come to be known as ‘The Reaping’ after the match and the press conference. Actually, about ten years later I was watching a quiz show and one of the questions was ‘The Game: What was the official name of the match that took place in 2052 between Santoro’s Sinner’s and The Colombian Circus.’ Some dude buzzed in and answered ‘The Reaping’ and the quiz hosted offered it across to the other team and I shouted at my T.V and complained bitterly about stupid fucking researchers!

When the other team answered ‘The Line In The Sand’ I stopped and realised my mistake. It’s weird but it does show you how much influence the media has over branding and your memories. The really funny thing is I was the one that gave it both its names.


That's it for the day. See you tomorrow (if you're a glutton for punishment).

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