Monday, 19 November 2012

Music Monday : Animated Magic

This week I reached out into the universe and asked for suggestions (yes I do this every week and yes I get asked to do 'the sex one' and no, no I'm not doing the sex one) and I was given an animated mandate by @xWeen82x who just happens to be the fiance of one of my longest friends.

So this ones for all the crowd!

DARE By Stan Bush

Transformers came out when I was a nipper, I went to see it at the cinema in Romford and I can tell you it blew my tiny wee mind. How could they kill all the main characters in the first twenty minutes?! How could they make me like all the new crowd crowd so quickly?! How could they make my poor little frame take that much excitement?!


I can still watch this film with my kids. We all love it and one of the things I loved most was the massive eighties rock soundtrack! You think I'm here to hit you with 'You Got The Touch!'

Nope. This was specifically requested! Stan Bush...animated rock legend!

FRIEND LIKE ME by Robin Williams (he sings it man)

Well we have to go here! I love Aladdin, loved the whole film and god damn it I loved Gilbert Gottfried as Iago! Just the best Disney sidekick ever!

I won't go on, just dive in!

WALKING IN THE AIR by Declan Galbraith

Yep, we have all seen it and we've all enjoyed it I'm sure (I suppose if you don't like Christmas then you probably hate it) and here it is. This is a slightly different version but I thought it was worth a go.


I can't listen to this without getting all misty. Is it the ridiculous, childish, stupid connection I make between this and those little baby dinosaurs?! YES! I can't even take someone humming the damn thing without have a trembling lip.


Here it is.

Obviously the last one I always try and have a bit of fun with, but seeing as this whole week has been a bit of fun I think I'll leave you with the one that got away!

YES! ITS STAN BUSH! HE'S BACK! I saw this video as a nipper on The wide awake club and I nearly pissed myself! OH MY GOD! THERE'S A TRANSFORMERS MOVIE (said my internal nutjob who then totally lost his shit and decided this was THE GREATEST SONG EVVVVVERRRR!)

Stan Bush...You got the touch!

If you come back next week we'll have something new and maybe something you haven't heard will be on here.

If Stan Bush becomes the driving force in your life for the next day or so then don't feel bad. I happens to the best of us...

Thanks for reading/listening.

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