Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Nomad Blues

As we come through a Cabinet re-shuffle and find ourselves no better than we were before (shocking that) I ask what is the point?

I boil the kettle and get my Assam and Battenberg ready and ask what the hell did it achieve? What was the point? There wasn't one of course is the answer and yet isn't that always the case? When did a Re-shuffle do anything other than push new square pegs into well worn and battered round holes?

The sugar goes into my cup (just the one) and the water follows. I squeeze, stir, repeat and then get rid of the bag. The milk follows, the spoons twists, the tea swirls, I sip.

Right, it's not the Cabinet re-shuffle that's getting me down. It's not the arseholes screwing up the country, as the arseholes before did as well. It's not that smug bastard Cameron's face telling us it's going to be fine or the unimaginative imbecile of a chancellor getting soaked in boo's and smiling about it. No. It's us. The people.

Now before you leap up, scream, spill your coffee and knock over your biscuits its not what you think. I'm not going to tell you we should be getting down with the 'Big Society' or perhaps just 'put up with it', no. I'm not telling you to do anything. I'm going to tell you what's getting me down. Ready?

'FUCK THE (insert group of people here)!!! YOU VOTED FOR THEM YOU C*NTS! DAMN YOU (insert name here)  FUCKERS!!'

Here's the truth as I see it; when the election happened we were looking at a Labour gov run by a Prime Minister we never voted for. He was handed the throne by a war criminal that brushed his opposition aside with a smile and a catchy slogan. He was hammered in the debates by a young upstart called Clegg and Cameron was obviously a better speaker than the paper P.M who mismanaged the countries finances while he was in the cash chair.

The numbers gathered and Clegg looked like he could pull off something incredible and syphon power from the big parties finally bringing the Lib Dems to the table. Then the night, that night happened and the Lib Dem's didn't get the points they wanted. The reason?

People voted with their fear.

Some wanted to see the end of the Labour insanity and some were terrified of the Tory terror and so they voted tactically. Those votes brought the Tories to the brink of outright success, but they weren't quite there. They needed a partner.

Labour got hammered but they tried to forge an alliance with Clegg, it didn't happen because Balls and other lunatics came in as they had for the last four years, believing it didn't matter what other people thought; they were in control. No. Wrong. Shot down.

Clegg and Cameron got together and the rest, as they say, is tragedy. Its gone badly wrong. We can all see this, we all know this, but without a balanced view we will fall down again. The time will come when we get to make our mark and we will vote with fear. We'll rush out and burn the Tories or stamp on the Labour to keep Red Ed down and where will we be? Somewhere near fuckedville.

Am I telling you how to vote? No. I'm telling you what's getting me down. By the way the tea is good, the cake is better..

So what is getting me down? Its us. We scream and shout and name call like little kids and our passion for our beliefs gets the better of us and I understand that. I understand the anger at the current shambling bastards and their sad, moronic devotion to old economic practises that assault the weak and attack great foundations all in the name of cut backs. I see their incompetence. I understand the fear of Labour and what was before. The wars, the lap dogging to Bush, the inability to secure the country we live in, the waste of gold. The Lies.

They are as bad as each other and we all can pick a bad we hate less. We can all follow our hearts and our minds but what we do need to do is make sure anger doesn't blind us to the darkness in the party we pick. We need to stay civil. We need to try and listen to each other rather than just shout.

I see 'I HATE FUCKING (insert people of one type)!' and my world gets a little darker. What's the difference between blaming just one group and blaming one religion, or maybe one sex, hell, what about one colour? You are after all saying that everyone in that group is the same, thinks the same, acts the same and should share the same fate.

Blindness leads to hate. You cannot make clear decisions if you're burning that hard.

We are the people.Stop hating. Start thinking.

Drink the beverage of your choice, consume the delight you love most. Discuss.

The raging gets you no-where. Just my opinion.

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