Monday, 24 September 2012

Music Monday

Here come another five pieces of music that I think are pretty cool and I have seen them LIVE. No albums this week, just single tracks. Lets get started shall we?

EPIC by Faith No More

I saw F.N.M  at the Brixton Academy in the year they played the Download festival. The place was heaving, the warm up act were a small local band and they got murdered by the crowd (not literally obviously) and when Faith No More came on stage they were in white suits. We were slightly wrong footed.

The first song they did was a cover of an eighties song 'Reunited' and we loved it, once the song was done the band kicked in with the real deal and hammered us with awesome sounds! Stunning live band and one of my all time favourite bands. The song I offer as tribute to you? Well...its Epic!

FLY AWAY by Lenny Kravitz

In 1999 we were given tickets to a massive gig in Wembley Stadium. Aerosmith headlined a day of amazing acts and one of the very best there that day was Lenny. He tore the arse out of that Stadium with his huge sound and on was certainly the second best act of the day, defiantly the best under card act.

Lenny hit us hard...that's what I'm going to do to you!


I saw Meatloaf at Wembley arena and it was a great gig. It's a rock opera and it's huge! Meatloaf did all the hits and left it on stage like only he can. Yes, I know I'm claiming that all these people are awesome and that they are all utterly fantastic at what they do...I didn't say this was going to be impartial did I? Nope!

So Meat did big rock opera and he did soft sad songs and this?...One of my fav songs of all time.

SAMURAI by The Mountain Firework Company

I went to a small gig in my little brothers favourite bar. Rocking up I found it to be a small space and as we got settled into the corner I got ready to expect very little, what I got was something totally beyond my expectations.

These guys are brilliant but what was really special was that I listened to the music and a whole screenplay popped into my head. Characters, scenes, setting, music influences, conclusion, shots, the whole works. I wrote it. I've tried to sell it. I really like it.

When my brain went on its journey into sight and sound this was playing. Somewhere in the back of my mind its always playing.

JANIE'S GOT A GUN by Aerosmith

1999, Wembley Stadium, Kravitz blew the crowd away, Sterophonics did a good job, Three Colours Red were ok, Black Crows were a bit self indulgent, Aerosmith were perfect.

As the set started up we jumped and shouted and absorbed the sound and everything was perfect, but the timing? As the sun started going down and dusk crept above us like a cover pulled over the sky there was a moment of calm. A point of stillness...and then this. Amazing.

That's it for this week. Hope to blog mid week. Enjoy the tunes.


  1. Loved Faith No More as a teen- esp We Care a Lot!

  2. Janie's got a gun.... *happy sigh* that was such a perfect moment!