Monday, 3 September 2012

Music Monday

Ready to have another 'Music Monday'? Yep, I thought so. You know how it works, I put up five things for you to try and perhaps enjoy, or maybe you already have them, love them but haven't heard them in a while? Either way, we head into the musical wonder with both hands holding our hats on and ours tongues stuck as far out as they'll go!


Nothing really needs to be put about this but lets do the basics. Its a seventies classic, the story of The War of the Worlds set to music, stars the voice Talents of Richard Burton, David Essex and others and well...Eve Of the War!
Its amazing. Switch the lights off at dusk, let the sound wash over you as the light dims and stay there as the Martians take the world. Eve of the War is Iconic, there is no doubt but for me, if you put a gun to my head and forced me to tell you which track I loved the most then I would have to pick 'Thunder Child'. Epic, haunting, Heroic, rousing and tragic. That final line a chiller that will stay with you forever after; '...the Earth belonged to the Martians.'


Chilled, folky, uplifting, brilliant! This is one of those albums I can put on and listen to from start to finish. I'm not tempted to skip a single track, as it's all so good. Its an early nineties sound that hasn't lost anything since it was released. Fantastic!

SKID ROW By Skid Row

Their first album and it's a stomping metal sound that shouts like an angry teenager throughout the record. Yes, it has very little substance to it compared to some worthy albums but lets face it I'm not putting this on to set the world right! I want it loud! I want it stompy! I want to hear about Seb Bachs easy sister! CUE MUSIC!!


I found this and bought it on a one track basis. That track was so good I fell in love with it straight away. What was the rest of the album like? Brilliant! Its an odd mix of acid jazz, rock, funky stuff. It gets hard and then it gets soft and it moves and it ebbs and flows. Its a great album, constructed to be listened to from start to finish, not a few singles and then dross, but gold throughout.
My favourite track is called 'Short Change Hero.' Its amazing. I hope you like it.


Finally we have the soundtrack of the week. I have a draw full of soundtracks for films but this is one of the more recent ones I picked up and has a certain excellence to it. Melding the old with the new to create a familiar sound that I tend to write Role Playing sessions too (yes, Marvel is my fav game and yes I do still play).

PREDATORS By John Debney

The soundtrack from the most recent Predator film, it was a cool movie, it's a cool soundtrack. Here it is.

That's it for this week. Hope you found something that tickled your fancy, if not there's always next week right? Yeah.

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