Saturday, 11 August 2012

Professor Elemental, Fete and the case of the unco-ordinated dancer

Thursday, a day to be remembered, for it was another day used to court fame and eccentricity. What were we doing? Well we (as a family, minus Sauraus) headed to Brighton to help film the new Professor Elemental music video.

What was the weather like you ask? Wonderful, hot, beautiful; a whispy clouded day in which the clouds didn't over step the mark by obscuring the sun or by having a weep. The place? An unassuming primary school field that became host to an extraordinary amount of fun as it accepted more and more alternatively minded people. The Occasion? Keep up, I already told you, we were there to shoot a music video!

Serious though, we packed a car full of kids, some cakes and sandwiches, a home made Fete game 'whack A Rat' and an adorable pink sock that had been transformed into the victim of the day by the mighty @mamacrow (the 'rat', ready for whacking). Heading into the unknown (Brighton) we drove and when we arrived we signed the usual wavers to allow us access. That done we embarked on settling in for the day.

Initially we set up across the field but swiftly we were moved to sit between the circus tent and a steam punk stall manned by two lovely guys. The Circus tent you ask? Okay, it was a small gazebo with a crap load of circus equipment scattered out in front of it but you know what? It was awesome! Mike the circus dude was outstandingly good with the kids, a young lady hung by the equipment and taut the kids Diablos and devil sticks. I did some juggling (I could do four, now I'm down to an unpractised  staggering, drop frequent three), we chilled, the kids learned and laughed and we had a very relaxing time.

I managed to grab a short time with @Moog_peculiar, director of the day and awesome all round fella with legendary facial hair. Chat was warm, friendly and welcoming. An all round beautiful guy that I spent a day with filming the Professor Elemental web series and he was as supportive and chilled on that day as he was on the field. Great fella. Professor Elemental hooked up with us and I would tell you what we chatted about but to be honest its a bit like having a natter with the queen. I can confirm it was a lovely chat but I cannot disclose the subject matter.

They filmed and all we really had to do was chill as they did their group bits, just don't look at the camera was all we needed to do. Easy. Now I could tell you about the wonder of the cuppa from the urn set up on the field or travelling to the shop to get sugar or in fact the amount of lovely people on the field, but I'm not going to. I'm keeping that just for me. You can have the dance number.

We gathered, like zombies ready to devour the young lady showing us when to jump, 'pop', spin, and pose and we shambled, staggered, wandered and balls up these simple moves with style. After many, many repatitions we had a loose grip upon this small group dance number and so when it came time to gather we did so with some mirth. Take sixty people or so, herd them into a formation and get them to perform unfamiliar tasks and what do you get? Something entirely unexpected.

As we repeated the moves and performed for The Moog and Professor Elemental I recognised the bloke standing in the row in front of me. He was dressed in some steampunk garb with waistcoat, victoriana shades and punked hat he cut an unfamiliar cloth and yet...I knew this gent. We finished the routine and walked away and I had to approach and confirm this was indeed an old drinking buddy from SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO. Yup. Seventeen years. Picked it up like it was yesterday.

How weird is that? Now our man is six years older than me making him a mighty forty three, a granddad already and he didn't look like he'd changed a day...okay, maybe he looked a little older, but seriously folks, not really by much at all.

The kids had an amazing day, picked up new skills, made friends and didn't drop a single tear in the seven hours we were there. Not one! That includes Dot who is very 'two' at the moment. Amazing and a testament to the lovely people that swept through that wonderful field.I reconnected with an old buddy and managed to chill with my family all day long.

These are the magical times I'll remember when my days come short and my face turns to the next great step.

So this is a thank you, not an informative blog post. Thanks Prof for inviting me. Thanks Moog for being so cool. Thanks @mamacrow for being relaxed, amazing, married to me and thanks to the kids for just being yourselves; astounding, suprising, challenging, beguiling and above all else incredibly loving.

When the video hits the net it will be here, for now though I'll leave you with the song in question.

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