Tuesday, 17 July 2012


A quick round up of the comic con is all you get tonight but here it is; Marvel are on the move as they look to expand the cannon of characters they have already unleashed on the silver screen.

First up we have 'Antman' making a run at his own movie and good luck to him. Henry Pym is a complicated character with a vast back story to capitalise on...some of it not as pleasant as the uninitiated might think.

Pym is one of the original Avengers, as Antman, and went on to have a whole wardrobe of names and powers all pretty much based entirely on his 'Pym Particles,' particles that give him the power to control his size, either shrinking or growing. This would probably be his mainstream claim to fame but those that read comics I think will always see Pym as the man that attacked his then wife The Wasp.

This wasn't an act he undertook while controlled by an alien force, or perhaps did only because she was herself possessed, no, Pym was the centre of a domestic violence plot that saw him descend into wife beating and then depression.

Obviously Marvel are not going to send us on a heroic trip around the world with a man who wears a string vest and a punch drunk misses, no, but the fact that this character has this history means Marvel can do what they have always done, deal with issues that need highlighting and bringing into the light.

'Antman' is set to be a lighter hearted spy affair for now, but lets see what comes our way...

Next up we have 'Guardians Of The Galaxy.' What can we expect? Well, I have no idea but I would have thought a good roster of characters, a highly impressive space adventure and of course a way into the Thanos plot, indicated at the end of a certain recent film.

The sequels got a run out and some exciting tit bits of information. Captain America 2 will be called 'Captain America: Winter Soldier,' which is just fantastic news! The Brubaker comics were brilliant and using them as a base for Cap 2 is both logical and exciting. We also have hints that 'The Falcon' will be joining Cap in the movie, great news again!

Thor 2 is now 'Thor: Dark world.' No, I don't know anything about this, that's good! I'm really looking forward to the sequel, hope it can continue to deliver without Sir Ken at the helm and I can't help but be stupidly excited already.

Finally we have Iron Man 3, footage was shown, the suit was unveiled and cast members were confirmed. As thought Sir Ben Kingsley is playing the Mandarin, the plot is following Extremis in some way and Guy Pierce is in as well. Everything looks great for this, especially with Shane Black at the helm!

There's plenty of other news about The Hobbit, Superman and plenty more besides but that can wait for another night. Tonight we are all cashed out.

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