Monday, 11 June 2012


I have lots of things to say but no time to say them in so instead of being frustrated I'm going to hit all the points I can think of in short bursts. Some of this needs expanding but I'll let you do that in your own head, in your own sweet time, right now it's time for short form ranting.

STOP - stop assuming people are guilty before they are convicted! John Terry has not been convicted yet, that's not me showing sympathy for a possible racist, no, that's me telling you the truth.HE HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED YET! If you wish to kangaroo court anyone in the public eye then be my guest but don't then be disgusted by what you are convicting them of before the trial has even been and gone.

STOP - Stop calling people you have never met stupid because of their job. They may be a footballer or a nail technician, a worker in McDonald's or a prostitute. It matters not. What matters is that you are value judging purely on what you see on the surface, look deeper, look harder, find the dedication of a sportsman, the attention of a beautician, the hours put in by a student or a person (male or female) trying to make ends meet in the most desperate of situations. 

STOP - Stop making every summer an 'event' Marvel, it's stupid. Your writers push each and every book and character towards increasingly soulless battles that have no bearing on the core of your universe; your amazing characters. Give them time to develop, change, grow. Please have faith, your audience isn't going to run away because you have a summer of individual storytelling, in fact, if you tell great stories then more will flock to you.

STOP - Stop saying the Conservatives were not elected, it's lazy. In the election they clearly had more seats than their closest rival and then formed a government with the third largest party. If Labour had formed a gov it would have had to use Scottish and Welsh seats, The Lib Dems and also other smaller groups. Each one would have wanted something in the form of a deal and that union would have been tempestuous at best. The Conservatives could also have joined up with U.K.I.P and other fringe elements but decided to form a gov with the Lib Dems. We do not have to like them but please be sensible and accurate when you attack them.

STOP - Stop rewriting your universe D.C. it makes dropping into your monthlies confusing and pointless. If you have serious in house problems then have a strategy meeting, make a fucking decision and then stick to it. You will increase your readership if you tell better stories.

STOP - Stop hiding and waiting for the election Labour. You have a government that is easy to attack in a time when you should be in the ascendance and yet you are almost invisible. You allowed the Unions to elect a leader that they thought they could control and now you can't understand why no-one knows his name? He's still mistaken for his brother when out and about and they believe 'David' is his name. Ed was a mistake. Rectify it and challenge.

STOP - Stop saying Cameron hates disabled people because his son died, it's sick and inaccurate. He is hammering the benefits because that's what they always do to cut the cash flow. It's not about revenge and to insinuate such is cruel and weak. See a man who is not using any imagination at all when it comes to the economic turmoil of this nation, not a Hitler or a Stalin but a man who hasn't got another answer when it's clear that one must be found.

STOP - Stop covering up for Labour's mistakes and crimes, from the selling of our gold at a cut price to getting involved in every war Blair decided he wanted us in. Allocate blame correctly then make certain that you patch over those holes, make a better party that won't make the same mistakes, bring those responsible for illegal actions to trial and then challenge for government knowing you screwed up but can show you know how not to make the same mistakes again.

STOP - Stop and listen. Listen to some music, listen to your partner, listen to your children. Listen to the words of great speakers and listen to yourself. Take the time to realise that you have a place on this world, in this society and in its future, be you eighteen or eighty.

STOP - Stop and think. Think about your day. Think about your responsibilities. Think about your future and think about family and friends and above all make sure you think about your self. Think about what you want to do or perhaps what you wish you could do. Take steps to move towards fixing the things that you want to. Make life better for you and the ones around you.

STOP - Stop stopping, move forward towards your goals, your happiness and your health.

STOP - Stop reading this.

Thank you.  

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