Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Reaction

The last time we embarked on the journey of discovery that is having a child I think it would be fair to say we encountered some...negativity. I don't believe for a second that some of the awkward reactions and pulled faces were meant to upset or punish us, I think they were genuine reactions of concern, probably due to a worry that we wouldn't be able to cope.

We proved them very wrong.

It was with this in mind that I went to inform those that needed informing and guess what? No negativity. None. There was some surprise, after all we have six children already, but there wasn't that uncomfortable question over our capability. I didn't feel it, I didn't see it and so I must assume it isn't there.

This is a great thing though we aren't out of the woods yet. Time will come on the Labouring job I'm on and if I am not making money from writing or alternative means then perhaps the Vultures will circle once more? Should I worry that they are hidden by the clouds of temporary good fortune or should I simply load the shotgun and know that when they come down to feast two barrels will meet the first fucker that comes sniffing around my economically wounded form?


I'm going to do this one simple thing and I know that it will be very hard to do. I'm going to keep the faith.

I'm going to know that I can get work. I'm going to know that I have enough talent to get me to the dance and release a book or find a way to earn money writing. I'm going to know that what I have here is special, that we have people around us that care and will help all they can...if we need them too.

All the face to face reactions were great but what was even nicer was the support and joy expressed on Twitter, my home from home. We received so many well wishes and cheers that I was quite blown over and I kept telling people it's gonna be 'awesome' and 'fun'. It will be both of those things and so much more.

Thank you for your well wishes and I will keep you updated. If Picard were sitting in the room he'd lean forward, stick that boney finger of his out and say with little-to-no flourish; 'Engage'.

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