Saturday, 2 June 2012


Right this is an easy one and really we should all be able to get this by now, but just for anyone that's been locked in a box or perhaps has come out from under their rock I'm going to break some awkward news. Ready?

Breastfeeding is the natural way to feed your child.

There. Did the world end? Did you spontaneously combust? Did I fucking stutter? No. So please, please, please know that the following is an extension of this former statement. The words below always linked to the truth that is combined in the nine words above.

As we move forward we must always look to the truth, so when a woman is breastfeeding a child in public she is doing it to feed her child, not to outrage or titillate you. This is truth.

Its not hard, its not complicated and your idiocy is not acceptable. Women feed babies milk, you have milk in your tea and coffee; it's cows milk, so you are drinking the milk of an animal...that's the weird drink to have. If someone asked you to drink your milk in a small cupboard, the toilet or another premises you would be astonished at their idiocy. You would then know how it feels to make your child wait to feed for no good reason .

People, feed your children if you're able, if not then use bottles and provide for that little person as best you can, don't let anyone tell you that what you're doing is wrong, disgusting or inappropriate. It's not. You're feeding you're child.

It's a sad state of affairs we find ourselves in when there is actually a debate about breastfeeding with corporations pushing against the natural way to feed a child so they can make money, doctors pushing bottles to make children stick to a line on a chart, husbands asking for bottles 'so she stays perky'.

See the words of truth above. Those nine words. Read them, learn them, know them. Knowing these words won't stop you appreciating the female form. It won't stop you looking at breasts as something damn sexy. Nope. It just means they'll be sexier. Not only are they great for all the adult fun times but they will help to raise you're child. That's an amazing amount of awesome right there.

If you are against breastfeeding you are wrong. Learn to be right.

(small add on would be to point out that there is a phrase that is banded around that's just stupid. Here it is in all its glory...

'There are many benefits to breastfeeding'

Right, this is a cock eyed way of looking at it and once pointed out by @mamacrow it's something you can't ignore (at least I can't). Breastfeeding is the natural way a child is meant to be fed and so to say there are 'some benefits' is stupid! It's the natural way we were built to feed! It has only benefits!

There are some benefits to being bottle fed, though there are also some drawback. I'm no expert and so don't want to continue on this trail but to simply say I feel the phrase has been engineered to make it a level playing field between Formula and Breast. That's stupid in itself as obviously one is free, natural and designed specifically for a human baby/child and the other is artificial, costs money which goes to a large corporation (probably unethically pushing their products in the third world) and is designed for consumption by a human baby/child.

Seems to me the choice (if the choice is there) is obvious.)

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