Tuesday, 8 May 2012


I wrote something I really liked in November. It probably isn't the best thing I'll ever write, I hope however that it is a start, but what kind of start? One that takes me to the heights of fame and fortune? Very unlikely. So where do I actually go from here?

How about an experiment? What if I accept that what I have written isn't ready for the market yet? Its not polished enough, that I have to grow as a writer? I have to evolve? That's sounding pretty likely but how do you kick start your own evolution? I was pondering this when I thought seriously about taking the money part out of the equation. What did I have left after wanting people to buy it so I could make this my job? Obviously, I want people to read it.

Will it be read sitting on my shelf, lurking in my Computer, hiding on my data stick? No. What to do then? Stick it on Amazon and hope someone buys a few every now and then? Possible but I feel slightly odd about it. So I think I'm going to stick it on here for free.

If you have suggestions as to how I can do that then let me know. If you think I should put a donation button on the blog and have an idea as to how I can do that let me know. If you want me to email you a copy so you can see just how far away from being publishable I really am then let me know.

I know I have a way to go. Maybe though I can hitch a lift and you'll tell me something that will make me better at what I want to do?

In the end all you really have to do is let me know.  


  1. Well! I have no idea how to do all the technical stuff! but I have time and opinions I'm willing to share. I would love to read it and I'm quite sure your self doubt is unfounded.
    you have my email address, so this is me letting you know ! Good to see your Blog

  2. Emailed you matey! Ta for the comment and the support, its very much appreciated.

  3. I have several such 'starts' myself, so to think that I could possibly add some value to yours is a thrilling idea! brightside1863@gmail.com