Thursday, 17 May 2012


I'm making a decision, I'm changing my attitude...god damn it I'm making a list! This list is going to be tat least twenty things long and its one that I will want to complete in the next four years. Its a forty list because if anyone ever needed incentive to do something it was me.

What's going on the list? I'm going to be published in some way, even if it means just my picture in the local paper, being dragged away to the local nut house...its gonna happen!

I'm going to get fitter, no, not super fit, but fitter. I've done it before, I can do it again!

I'm going to do something risky that I've always wanted to do like skydiving or Bungee jumping, that's a must.

I'm going to learn to drive...I know, just don't say anything about it, I know!

Its..I will come back with quite the list and you will say; 'Yes, that sounds do able, I was expecting something slightly more challenging,' but then, if you take my 'meness' into account you'll see the challenges for what they are. Milestones.

In honesty though these things will happen if I write them here because once down on screen I can pursue them. As for the really big things in my life I'm not planning on any great changes, you see I have an awesome marriage, incredible kids and a lovely family, so realistically I don't have much to moan about.

The list is for me and the family, hopefully it will make our lives better in some cases and me easier to live with in others.

List to follow shortly.

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